Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm in Spain !!

Warda in Spanish sunshine !!

Checking out the garden, hmmm - green hedges in February ??
My name is Ain Zafir Bara'ah !!
I was born in Norway !
We all want to thank Line Urke, Ain Zafir Kennels and
Ragnhild Lysaker, Talata Kennels, also on Norway,
who with great efforts, managed to get her to Spain.
We have decided to call her Warda at home.
She is the most wonderful puppy, and again - Thank you Line !!
And here she is,in her own privat garden -
sharing with Ahad and Halal, of course :-)

Look !! It's a lemon-tree !!
Tried to play with one, looked like a ball , it did !
But tasted DISCUSTING !!

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