Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year - 2008 !

Southern Spain is really the most wondeful place to live.
Today , on the last day of 2007 - and 22 degrees when we walked on the beach,
this morning. Warda is posing in front of the show in Sierra de Alpujarras.
And this is only one hours drive away, if you fancy some skiing :-)) ??

Halal is the only one of our dogs, that really is swimming , as you can see
on earlier photos on her own page.
Here she is soaking wet, but are soon drying in the sun.

This is Warda's first Christmas & New Year Celebration, here with us.
She came to us spring 2007.
And she has more than lived up to our expectations.
I think she likes the weather in Spain better than in Skodje :-)
( Sorry Line, you are living in the wrong country !! :-))) )

This is the highlight of the day !
And the reward is of course, after a workout like this,
it is allowed to eat as much New Year Dinner as they like :-))

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Maja said...

Dear Merethe,

thank you for these beautiful photos! This is really wonderful countryside for living.
Wishing you all the best in 2008.