Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Her likner jeg på Mysil Bergsprekken, du !

After the last weeks accidents and disasters, we are back
on the beach, trying to do the best of it all.
The girls have no problems with that :-)) Flat out - and basically having a great time !!

Halal is really showing her delight of running free -

and Warda also , just a picture of joy !

Look at Warda !! Showing her perly whites !!
The little puppy is growing up... :-)

Are you on the defensive , Halal ??
Not for very long, I suspect !! She have her own way of getting the upper hand again !!

Friday, April 25, 2008

My dear Ahad is gone.

My wonderful and true friend Ahad was hit by a car
and died of his injuries on April 20th. 2008
We are devistated.
We want to thank Gervais Cazin for this wonderful boy.
His life ended much too soon.