Sunday, May 18, 2008

Visitors from Castalla !

We have had visitors from Castalla ! Lotta Brun & Jack Jackson- Kennel Caravan
came to stay for a couple of nights after their trip to Portugal and Badajoz
showing their dogs with great success !
And yes, we have always had unique table decorations :-))

Where are all the leftovers ????

The humans ate it all :-( and Halal is not happy...
All photo's above - Lotta Brun.

Warda found her soulmate in Zara, Lotta's smooth saluki puppy.

They were playing for two days, and now Warda is sleeping in the sofa :-)

The human visitors and all the dogs have left, and Warda is inspecting
the garden to see if all is ok, and that no sheltie , afghan or saluki is hiding
in the hedges !!

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