Monday, June 23, 2008

A visit to Castalla.

We went to Castalla for the Midsummer Celebration- Swedish Style !!
Everyone that know's Lotta & Jack can imagine no one went from that table hungry :-)
and Jack.... really a " Jansson " spesialist !!
Thank you both for the invitation , this was a wonderful weekend for Lasse , myself
and the dogs.
But we also managed to fit in some showtraining for the dogs ,
and also just for them to play and run - the favorite occupation !!

Lotta and Warda.
Seems like they both are enjoying this :-)

Warda posing for the photographer. ( Lotta Brun )

Warda and Zahara playing " King of the Hill " !!
In this case , perhaps " Queen " :-)

Yes, Lotta I have heard about Zyncrone swimming...
but zyncrone showtraining ????
From left- Lotta, Halal, Chase and Zahara.
But this way , we save lots of time :-)) !!

From left - Hobby - Knodden - and Rottan ( Zahara ) !

And last, but certainly not least - The beautiful Zahara !!

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