Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Phhh, Summer in Marbella !!!

Ho-hooo, this is me, Auda :-)
Really cute, don't you think ?
Looking my best, my new mom and dad are visiting me today !!

Here they want me to stand on a table to show how fab I am !!
Everyone know's I'm fab !! This is just stupid !
Everyone can see I have 4 legs, nice bones, good long tail -
this is scary, let me down !

And of course, this is my brother, the pro.......
He has trained for hours :-)) Poor lad .
He is still looking for a new home, with nice people .
Who can say no, to a well behaved little boy like this ?

Here we are, all 4 of us :-)

Ahhh - I think she likes me, my new mum :-)))


Anonymous said...

ÅÅÅÅ så nydelig! Smelter helt! Lykke til! Klem Fra Sissel med whippetene Shana og Fly,

Susannah said...

Åhhhhh, bedårande söt!

Olga da Polga said...

Aaah hon är nyyydelig !!! Helt förtjusande söt !