Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm hooooome !!!

Hellooo, I'm in my new home !!
And here I'm trying out my new sofa, quite comfy :-))

And here I actually have fallen asleep...
traffic here in Spain in July and August, is not a joking matter !!
We used 4 hours home, and it's just 210 km !!!
We stood still most of the time.... but I was sleeping, so what's the fuss ??

Time to try out the new garden... Warda has done most of the work before me,
with big holes and stuff.... I just have to start my own holes, I guess....
and below... Yes, doing some pruning.... it just has to be done !! All gardners say so...
I'm taking on the job !!

It makes one tired , this gardening stuff, and all the travelling I have done
during the last days.
Warda have been helping me, as much as she can, poor thing. She is tired too....
And as you can see below... lights are out, and I just want to go to bed...

Good night... and see you soon.

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