Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just having fun !!

Catching mice is not easy....
but I'm in training !!
See other pictures from today's morning walk ,
on my own page !!

Monday, September 15, 2008


This is my first sleep-over, EVER !!
We are visiting Lotta & Jack in Castalla....
I have brought my cuddly toy... just in case :-)

Today I have met so many new dogs, I cannot count them all...
My favorite of course is Namji... she is an azawakh too !!
Coming all the way from Norway - just to say hi to me :-) and I think
Nils & Guri is showing her in the big dogshow in Gibraltar.

Nils likes me :-)) think he wants to take me home to Norway !!

Guri likes me too !!

And then came the cold evening... it was not more than 18 degrees, and I had
to wear a coat. Lotta had one hidden, just for me !! You can have it, she said ,
it will fit you perfectly... and it did !! At least for the next 2 months....

Here I am exploring the garden, and the humans are discussing what to
do today... it is Saturday, and marketday in Castalla ?
Sounds scary !!

First we had our morning walk. People in Castalla had never seen so many
sighthounds at once - 10 of us together !!
2 afghan's - 5 saluki's - 1 sloughi and 2 azawak's !!

Then we went to the market in Castalla, and they pionted at us,
discussing what breed we were.
They tried to find out who was the best hunter of us....
We had a super day, ending with a beer ( I got water :-)
in a restaurant in the big park in middle of town.
All humans and us dogs around a big table in the shade, NICE !!
Sunday morning we drove home to Berja.
Thank you Lotta & Jack for having us !!
Good luck Nils & Guri , in Gibraltar - I will be there next year !!
Thank's to dad, who took all the pictures :-)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A new toy !!

Can she see where she is running ??
Can she manage to untangel her feets before falling ??

This is Auda's new toy...
Have a good look at it now, it will look old in 10 sec. :-))

And now Warda has stolen it ......
But be sure, Auda is not one for giving up !!
She will steal it back !!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Just relaxing :-)

Today we are just relaxing on the balcony
because yesterday we went to the beach again.
Warda is quite tired, so we agreed to just take it easy today,
and then go to the beach again tomorrow.
She gets tired, poor thing, so mum say, its important to get some rest.
I think she ment Warda.........