Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spring is here !!

Yes, spring is here !!

This is Berja, where we live.
A small town 20 mins. from the Almerimar beach,
and with Sierra Nevada in the background.

This is part of our garden...
I see its time to pick oranges again :-)))
Anyone for a glass of orangejuice ??

Friends :-) Warda and Auda.

Now the almondtrees are in full bloom.

But the highlight of the day , is of course running on the beach !!
Spring in January suits Auda just fine :-))

Friday, January 23, 2009

A stormy day !!

Huge waves and strong wind met us in Almerimar today.
But the dogs dont mind :-) they keep occupied, hunting
all things blowing in the wind !!

Monday, January 12, 2009


in Almerimar ??
No , Auda is getting ready for Lotta's birthday-party
tomorrow in Castalla :-))
And that means, burning off energy so she will behave herself !!

Halal is born in Norway in Lotta's house.
She is a real Caravan - saluki !!

Warda is always behaving herself....
She just want to play with Zara - Mara - Sahara....

Now I'm tired.. at least for 30 mins :-)
I want to go home and eat my chicken !!
And then we are ready for Castalla tomorrow !!

Monday, January 05, 2009

The Day of the Three Kings !

This is the day all the children in Spain have been looking
foreward to. The day the three Kings came to Jesus with gifts.
And according to tradition, tomorrow is the day they will get their
Christmas presents !!

So, this evening they gather and walk ( these times drive ! )
around in town, throwing
sweets out to all the spectators lining the streets.
Lars have taken all the photos from one of our balconies.
Yes, we have first class view of all that is happening in Berja :-)) !!

All have wonderful costumes, and one can imagine
how long this has taken them to prepare.
Some are even riding wonderful Andalucian horses.

And yes, the presents are there :-))

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The first day of 2009 !

Hi, everyone !!
This is what I'm going to watch on TV in 2009.

Oiiii... this is what will happen if you'r not good.....
(and you will not get any presents from Santa next Christmas...)

Auch !! Look at that ! 5.mill dogs at the same time !
Can we do this mum ?
Have to borrow dogs from the neighbours, though ...
In our pack , we are only 3 on 4 legs, and 2 on 2....
( did that make sense ?? )

Ok, over for today then, but I'v learned lots !
Positive energy , man - always positive energy !!
I can do that ! Now I feel a nap coming on...
Sure getting sleepy of this Cesar Millan stuff....