Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spring is here !!

Yes, spring is here !!

This is Berja, where we live.
A small town 20 mins. from the Almerimar beach,
and with Sierra Nevada in the background.

This is part of our garden...
I see its time to pick oranges again :-)))
Anyone for a glass of orangejuice ??

Friends :-) Warda and Auda.

Now the almondtrees are in full bloom.

But the highlight of the day , is of course running on the beach !!
Spring in January suits Auda just fine :-))

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MadaMim said...

Tenk å fortelle oss i det kalde nord som enda må vente leeeenge på den varme tiden, at hos dere er våren kommet alt!!! Jaja, Sukk... =D