Monday, February 16, 2009


V'Auda ak Ilaman Best in Show (Puppy) at Granada INT .
8 months old.
Judge Antonio Montes.
See more pictures on Shownews page-
and on Auda's own page !

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Physalia Phisalis in Almerimar

This photo was taken today in Almerimar.
It is the feared Physalia Phisalis, or
" Det Portugisiske Krigsskip "
as it is called in Norwegian.
It has long , burning tentacles and are extremely poisonous.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

MY FIRST SWIM ............. !!!!

A wonderful , peaceful morning at the beach...
No one can imagine what horrors this day will bring !!!!

Ahhhhh !! A small pond have been transformed into a lake !!!
"You stupid woman" RESCUE ME !!!!
And don't take pictures of my first humiliating swim !!!
Well , I made it to shore... 2 meters away... but it sure was scary !!

Wet and cold... this was not funny :-(

Warda is occupied with her rabbithunt, and
think Auda's attempt as a swimmer, is pathetic.

Now, all is about keeping warm untill we get to the car :-)
And Halal is always at hand to help :-))

Good friends :-))
And all is well, that ends well...
But for Auda... I think- her first - and probably last swim :-)))