Monday, March 30, 2009

Show results.

Photo : Renata E. Goel.

Here I am in the Group ring in something called-
Joven Promesa.
That means the best of the best in Junior Class.
In Spain we cannot get CAC's before we are 15 months,
so they have made an extra special BIS and Group thing for us.
I got BEST IN GROUP 10...
That is very good, because I'm just over 9 months.
Mum was very pleased.
She said, I did very well... I got Best of Breed also !!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Auda is 9 months .

After the rain yesterday, and high winds,
the sun is out, and we have summer tempratures.

Auda always seem to find something to eat....

This is the half way point :))
now we turn back to the car.
Warda is never in picture , always looking for rabbits !!

But here she comes !!!!
Mee too - meeeee tooo !!

Take a picture of meee tooo !!
I Norge kaller vi sånne som deg for Linselus, Warda !!

Now they all are sleeping in the sofa .
No wonder, after such activities :)))

Friday, March 13, 2009

SUMMER IS HERE !!! (almost) :-))

Ahhhh.... sun , summer... I like :))))

Even Warda has got a certain "spring" in her step !!

Today the whole park was covered in beautiful yellow flowers...

and bees ????

Friday, March 06, 2009

Back to normal life.... phhh

Ahh, Spring is in the air..

Halal has taken the bone I found ....
about 3 weeks ago... I'll kill you for this... I'm the Gladiator from Berja !!!

Yesss, got it...
Dont taste as good as I remember.. though....

Good friends, after all....

Can smell something her...

I always admire dogs at work...
Found something, have we ??
China.... here we come !!!