Wednesday, June 17, 2009


( This is the pictures we could use ! )
Celebrating Auda's first birthday.
Thank you Michael Rackl, kennel ak Ilaman , for this wonderful bitch.
BOB from Junior class &
Mejor Promesa Joven - Group 10 - Ciudad Real, Madrid.

Best in Show 1 from Puppy Class, all breeds in Granada.
This is more than we ever could have hoped for !!

Pictures above, courtesy Lotta Brun , Kennel Caravan.

Friday, June 05, 2009

A photo-session to remember :)))

Hi everyone !!!
Here I am in Castalla, and Lotta & mum is trying to take nice photo's of me .
I'm 1 year old the 17th of June,
and its important to have nice pictures on my blog !!

But things do not always go as planned :))
and these are the pictures we definately can NOT use !!!!

Ahh ... the flying azawakh .. again !!????

Here she is more interested in the neighbour's cat :)))

and here trying on Zara's show-collar... not very successful !!
no... its back to her old one :)))

Please come back and have a look at the really good pictures :))
They will be posted on her Birthday !
Thank you , Lotta - for helping me with these pictures !!